3rd LTTA in Portugal-Meeting

The Portuguese team organized the third Meeting of DISTAID Project which involved four participating countries except Italy. This meeting allowed us to look through the activities of the project. The friendly atmosphere enabled the participants to reach the established goals and to develop relationships for a fruitful future cooperation of the project which we are all looking forward very much.

In the first day of the meeting on Monday, The Portuguese pupils presented their school in a well-organized warm hearted welcome ceremony. They prepared songs, short stories and national traditions. We visited the school departments, classrooms and facilities. We met a lot of wonderful people, observed some lessons and experienced other methods and culture, explored and experienced the school. We have made our Project work. Then, We’ve taken a city tour in Esposende  and We have met with Mayor of Esposende in his Office and talked about the region.

In the third day, on Wednesday, We had a meeting with Project staff to discuss our Project activities. After the Project work, We’ve had the chance to visit Braga and Bom Jesus do Monte

It’s time to say good bye. We went back to our home countries with a lot of impressions and ideas. Everyone is very curious about the meeting in Poland in September 2022. “Thank you very much” to  Rui and all school staff for the hospitality and of course for the great work they did.