4th LTTA in Poland-Meeting


1st day in Krakow

It was a good opportunity for us to visit around the Krakow and get to know the area that we stay. We started our tour from the nearest places to our hotel.

The main square was only a few minutes away from us. Therefore, it was our first destination. In the main square, we walked around the street and visited to main buildings which are Bazylika Mariacka and The Cloth Hall. The craftsmanship of Bazylika Mariacka was so impressive and we really loved it. In The Cloth Hall, we searched for some souvenirs to our acquaintances.

Owing to the size of the city, we were able to visit everywhere without a vehicle. Our main aim was going to Wawel Castle. We visited different churches and stores on our way. We also saw a protest against abortion on the street. At first, we thought that it was a parade for a celebration. However, the situation was completely different. The view of the castle was really beautiful. We saw around the yard of the castle for a bit a took photos with my friends. Later than that, we got hungry and decided to eat something. Before we went to eat our food, we took a walk around the river which was next to the castle. We found a kebab restaurant in a close place and we went there.

When we finished our visit to Wawel Castle, we turned back to the main square. After spending some more time in there, we went back to our hotel. We decided on meeting up and having a girls’ night with my friends. we talked for hours and played games. It was quite fun. However, since we had to wake up early next morning, we went back to our rooms to sleep. Even though we get a little tired during the day, we really enjoyed the time we spent all together.