Project Activities

Project Activities.

Project is designed to stand on 4 components which are interrelated and complementary with each other. Activities will be executed under these components:

C1-Curriculum enrichment component is the core of the project. It will comprise the main project outputs to fulfil the need for high quality online resources suitable for the

multidimensional structure of ESL lessons.

C2-Professional development component is the connector of the project. It ensures the physical linkage between project partners and allows room for capacity building activities. It

aims to train teachers on how to integrate the digital devices and online resources in distance learning.

C3-Student engagement component is the leading motivation of the project. It aims to reconstitute social interaction in ESL lessons and develop students’ speaking and listening skills.

C4-Organization and Communication component is the accelerator of the project. It makes the project visible.

Activities that will be held under (C1):

o Preparation of “ESL teaching program”

– EDU group (within Digital Learning Team) will be created in each school to study the “ESL Teaching Program”

– Theoretical studies and best practice analysis will be conducted by each group separately

– Two online webinar one at the start and other at the end of the project will be organized via Etwinning throughout the Project to discuss the concepts, preparations, case studies and draft versions of the ESL teaching program among teacher groups.

o Preparation of lecture contents for ESL

– EDU group will study on lecture contents in accordance with ESL Teaching Program.

– ICT teachers in partner schools will be consulted for the preparations of lecture contents (i.e. presentations, videos, apps etc.)

– Two online meetings one at the start and other at the end of the activity will be organized


Activities that will be held under (C2):

o An online training about “Using ICT in Education” will be organized to the teachers (10 for per partner) by Italian institution in May 2022.

o Preparation of “Distance Learning Best Practices” catalogue

– RESEARCH group (within Digital Learning Team) in each school will search on the best practices in EU and OECD countries.

– One webinar and one workshop through ETwinning will be organized.


Activities that will be held under (C3):

o Formation of online international classes(once in a month) with multiple teachers to teach ESL

– ESL classes in partner countries will be matched at the beginning of the project

– Teachers of matched classes will have online meetings to coordinate the lecture

o Compilation of innovative online tools and preparation online resource usage manual that will be used in ESL classes

– TECH group (within Digital Learning Team) will be created in each school to search the available resources (ie. PollEveryWhere kahoot etc.) and their adaptation in ESL classes

– Two online workshops will be organized to coordinate the investigation process and draft the manual.

– Selected online tools will be announced as “tool of the month” and used in partner schools.

o Organization of European Day of Language.

– International student groups celebrate “EDL” on September 26th and send greetings in various languages on this day.

o Organization of logo contest

– Each partner will prepare 3 candidate logos for the contest. Students will be encouraged to design logo

– Logos will be voted at an online platform (i.e Google Forms). Partners can’t vote for their own logo


Activities that will be held under (C4):

o Inception, interim and final evaluation surveys and reports will be prepared

o Digital learning teams in partner schools will be formed to exchange the ideas and evaluation of the created materials.

o EU Project Corner in each partner school will be formed to inform the whole school about the project

o Creation of a user-friendly project website and blog to provide information about the work progress, contests, events, meetings and outcomes, to promote the project among the

visitors, and to encourage all the partners during the project development.

o Production of T-shirts that have the logo of the project and flags of the partner countries.

o Creation of language cards for main introduction and greeting sentences in each language

o 3 Local seminars will be organized by each partner institution in the beginning (Project Introductory Meeting), during ( Project Information Meeting) and at the end of the project

(Project Dissemination Meeting) to teachers, students, parents, other staffs and any interested people in the district and city.100 brochures (for per meeting) that presents detail of project for will be delivered by each partner institution.

o Information Leaflets will be prepared showing the content and achievements of the project.

o An article summarizing the whole project.

o «Erasmus Day» will be organized by each partner to promote the project results and impacts.

o Final exhibition with gathered materials,the photos,posters etc.