1st TPM in Turkey-Meeting

The DISTAID Project kickoff meeting took place at Keçiören Vatansever Şehit Tümgeneral Aydoğan Aydın Fen Lisesi (Ankara) from October 4th to 6th 2021. Its objective was for all partners to meet, become acquainted to the project and discuss potential issues and significant matters at hand concerning the materialisation of the Project.

Representatives from 4 project partners participated at the meeting and discussed the concept as well as the steps necessary to implement it. Thus, day 1 focused on the project vision, objectives, and outcomes as well as the partners’ individual expectations through workshops based on their previous experiences. Furthermore, the work presentations were presented and discussed among all partners. On the second day the tasks of the initial work packages were discussed in depth and further developed in brainstorming sessions.Third day focused on the meeting evaluation. In sum, we could elaborate a common understanding of tasks, defined roles, responsibilities, and concrete next steps.